Digital Accessibility to the core

Provide an inclusive experience for the widest possible range of visitors including those who are living with visual, physical or sensory impairments.

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How accessible are you?

Our proprietary WallyAX scores give you insight to how accessible your site is. At a high level, we identify how many severe rule failures there are and provide a composite score based on ADA / WCAG 2.1 guidance levels — A to AAA.

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Lightning fast & exhaustive

Blazing fast audits in minutes and not in days or weeks. Audit report is inclusive of all webpages and user flow and exhaustively detailed for each instance of inaccesibility.

Lightning Fast & Exhaustive

Full insight & visibility

Wally identifies every instance of every rule failure across every page of your site. Because you may have thousands of instances of a single rule failure, it’s important to know the depth of each problem that is identified.

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Maximum flexibility & control

Because your source code should always be secure, Wally gives you full control on how to implement fixes. For some issues, Wally offers a suggested code fix that you can choose to implement or not. Wally always provides you with maximum flexibility and control.

Maximum Flexibility & Control

Why Wally?

“One of my clients had an important deal that required making their site accessible. It was very tempting to take the fast and cheap solution. But the more due diligence I did, the more I realized the popular accessibility solution was wholly inadequate — it was at best a band-aid solution. As a technologist, I couldn’t stand behind that approach so that’s why I sought to create an accessibility solution the right way — at the source-code level.”

Venu Moola

Founder, Wally

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