Wally's AI Framework provides a high-quality comprehensive audit in minutes while saving enormous time and expense when compared to manual audits.

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Analyze your site against WCAG 2.1 rules.

Wally contains algorithms to check and validate all WCAG 2.1 rules. Based on the results, you will see how well you are doing overall and specifically at the A, AA, and AAA levels.

Check each rule from multiple dimensions.

Wally looks at each rule from multiple perspectives to determine if each HTML element is compliant.

Let Wally get smarter for you.

Wally improves when issues that require human input are validated, thereby making the underlying framework more intelligent so each subsequent audit is more accurate.

Obtain full audit results quickly.

Wally scans your site, examines 100% of your HTML elements, and identifies all instances where the site is WCAG 2.1 compliant, not compliant, or needs attention.

Create an audit schedule.

Run audits every day or every week so you develop a historical record of your site’s accessibility performance.

Maintain an accurate audit history.

You can see the history of all the fixes and compare changes between audits. This is important so you can refer back to your audit history and show when remediation of issues occurred.

Wally’s Accessibility Tools helps fix your site to be more accessible at the core level, improving your site experience for both abled and disabled visitors.

Auto-fix makes it easy.

Wally provides automated recommendations for up to 40% of all rule failure instances, which can then help you blaze through the easy fixes.

Fix it. Set it. Done.

When you make a fix that covers multiple instances, Wally remembers the fix and can apply the same fix to all the same type of instances.

Maintain control.

Because it’s possible to solve an accessibility issue in more than one way, you can control how you want to resolve each instance. Wally gives you control at the most granular level for any fix.

Ensure compatibility.

Wally works with all assistive technologies out of the box because all fixes are at the code level.

Stay on top of it all.

Wally’s dashboard enables you to sort and filter so you can quickly isolate issues or keep track of your workflow in an orderly fashion.

On-Demand Reporting. Export to XLS.

Wally provides standard reports that you can run on-demand, or you can download data to XLS as needed.

Jira integration.

You can export issues to Jira — one of the most commonly used bug-tracking platforms in the development world. Create an ID and track those issues from Jira to Wally. You can see what’s been fixed.

Built with extensibility in mind.

Wally has extensions for Drupal, Wordpress, Shopify, Magento. (logos)

Compare Wally with other solutions.

Other accessibility solutions offer a one-line of code fix to all accessibility issues that don’t really count. Wally solves the accessibility issues at the core resulting in an accessible experience for all.