The Bench,

By Wally

Accessibility Trained Professional
Content Supply Support All Year Long

A deep bench is crucial to every team’s success. And we’re proud of the fact that The Bench by Wally is deep – experienced Accessibility professionals who are ready to be an extension of your team when you need creative, ux focused and in line with the needs of accessibility abled resources.

Meet the Team

The Bench works alongside your in-house team to seamlessly develop the accessibility  strategy you need. We offer a full complement of accessibility service options, customized to your brand. We’ll steward your brand as carefully as we do our own.


Accessibility, Design and
Creative Support

Accessibility Specialist

Certified AX Experts

Assistive Technology Consultant

Screen Reader, Switch Control & Cognitive Specialists

Design & QA

User Experience focused

Accessibility Developer

Web, Mobile & App

Need help solving your production problems? We’re here to help.

Our Expertise
Customized to your needs.

The Bench provides the high level of expertise that Wally is known for, tailored to specific projects and accessibility needs, including Tier 2 mid-level specialized services that our clients request, along with Tier 3 standard accessibility testing that can be executed without new strategic or accessibility development.

The Value

We get it: Compliance and Usability Matters. A lot. Instead of outsourcing (and paying premium agency prices), let The Bench by Wally elevate your accessibility strategy. We’ll be your clutch team who gives 100% to make sure you get the win, every time.

Image of a yellow triangle divided into three sections. The top section  says  “Our Experts”.  The text below it says: “Wally’s industry experts have the knowledge and insight to guide you to the best outcome”. The left section says: “Your Experience”. The text below it says: “Together we’ll solve your problems and have lots of fun doing it”. The right section says: “The Solution”. The text below it says: “Wally is your accessibility platform and service partner - unique to you”

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