Top 5 - Best ways to use Wally

top 5 best ways to use wally

In a global landscape where digital interactions shape lives, fostering inclusivity is paramount. 

Accessibility represents an important pillar across inclusivity and is the foundation to effective brand governance. It’s also core to compliance & when implemented effectively elevates technical posture. 

Wally takes a unique approach to website accessibility focusing on solving for personal accessible experiences. The benefits are clear so check them out!

1. Universal Accessibility

Wally levels the digital landscape for accessibility readers. Wally ensures your digital footprint seamlessly embraces globally available assistive technologies because the root causes that lead to challenges are resolved. Wally doesn't just bridge the accessibility gap; it forges a digital realm that embraces all, truly.

2. Tailored AI Recommendations

Wally AI delivers transparent solutions that resolve the core issues of accessibility with a focus on experiences that matter. Wally analyzes the root cause of all instances of inaccessibility providing prioritized recommendations. Own control whether you approve or adjust recommendations that seamlessly sync.

3. Omnichannel Responsive Design Redefined

When you address the root cause of internet accessibility the result is improved user experience. Navigating the intricacy of responsive design across an array of devices, and a growing number of personas is no small feat. Let Wally be your guide to fulfilling personal accessible experiences. 

4. Comprehensive Insights

Wally's dedication to personalized excellence extends into AX Analytics. As a developer, designer, creative, or e-commerce professional, Wally has your content supply accessibility metrics covered. Use comprehensive insights as a way to develop an ongoing strategy that guides your decisions and validates your focus.

5. Commerce KPI Improvement

Embrace Wally as a way to improve and reach new segments of your ideal customer base. This translates into increased website traffic, propelling sales and ultimately boosting your business performance and brand visibility. Wally's transformative impact amplifies both inclusivity and growth potential, forging a path to success where WCAG accessibility and business prosperity intersect seamlessly.

Embrace the Transformative Power of Wally

Dive into the potential of Wally's comprehensive feature set – a holistic revolution merging accessibility, personalization, convenience, and empowerment. 

Please contact us - with any questions or feedback! You can also speak to our accessibility experts here.