Top 5 Quick Wins by using Wally

top 5 quick wins by using wally

The First Accessibility Platform focused on Continuous Personalized Accessible Experiences

1. Automated Remediation

When you partner with Wally, you're partnering with innovation. Our cutting-edge technology delves deep into your website's source code, unearthing every instance of inaccessibility UX. Wally takes the reins of resolution by generating precise, actionable code fixes tailored to each identified issue. Implement WallyAX with one simple line of code that allows you to leverage proprietary AI based recommendations or add your own in our developer friendly portal. This can be done granularly for every failure, alert or recommendation.

2. Customized Accessibility

Diversity in user behavior necessitates tailored solutions. Acknowledging the disparate usage patterns of desktop, mobile and app experiences, Wally introduces groundbreaking accessibility functionality, personal accessible experiences (PAX) – the ability to customize accessibility preferences independently. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it's a strategic recognition that user experiences differ across contexts. Craft distinct WCAG accessibility strategies that cater to each platform, ensuring inclusivity that's personalized.

3. Comprehensive WCAG Audit Reports

Our audit insights highlight instances of inaccessibility, how to prioritize, and the breakdown across WCAG standards -  A, AA, and AAA.

It's the launching point to apply – leverage wallyAI or apply developer written code.

Our audit reports harmonize the demands of developers, designers, and ecommerce professionals. Whether you're seeking deep technical understanding, design finesse, or ecommerce optimization, Wally's reports cater to your specific needs

4. Intelligent Analytics for Profound Insights

In today's digitally interconnected world, mere accessibility compliance isn't enough. Enter Wally's advanced analytics, a profound solution that not only highlights instances of inaccessibility within your digital domain but also introduces you to the game-changing AX (Accessible Experience) Score. This comprehensive metric goes beyond the surface, offering an in-depth evaluation of your website's  performance. Gain a panoramic view of your digital landscape and pinpoint precisely where your website stands, equipping you with unprecedented insights for strategic enhancements.

5. Charting Progress Through Time

Embark on an accessibility odyssey with Wally as your guide. Continuity is key, and Wally enables you to monitor your digital accessibility presence across multiple audits (on demand or scheduled), unveiling a transformative journey of evolution. Monitor progression of your ADA compliant website or mobile application's accessibility profile. Detect trends, quantify advancements, and pinpoint areas primed for further refinement. 

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