Why is Wally Transformative?

why is wally transformative

Imagine this, when your children ask for chocolate. Will they be happy when you only give them half of the chocolate bar? No.

Similarly, with respect to providing accessibility, most of the providers only offer a half-baked solution (ex: widgets).

In addition to making your marketing site accessible, what about the content, data and design needs leading up to this?

Shouldn't accessibility be considered and implemented logically across content supply - internally and externally?

Wally offers you this.

In Depth: Wally allows you to make all the content generated on your company accessible (across all designations), be it requirement documents, code, images, blogs, etc.

Through Wally you can -

1. Check your digital AX Score

The score is an apt reflection of your website’s current internet accessibility performance.

2. Get comprehensive developer, UX, and eCommerce friendly insights

The tailored analytics you receive from Wally, will expertly guide you across all the areas of improvement you should consider. Valuable insights for developers, UX designers, and eCommerce professionals.

3. Different suggestions for web and mobile

Why apply the same fixes to the web and mobile, when we ourselves use them differently? Wally lets you have different fixes for both!

4. Automatically fix instances of inaccessibility

Do not have a developer available who can immediately work on the changes? No worries. Wally lets you review and fix all the recommended changes automatically, without impacting your source code. Need to go further? Just ask us about our professional internet accessibility team members.

5. Schedule audits for prevention and maintenance

Simply schedule the time, and we’ll do the rest!

6. Regularly monitor your digital footprint

See how your website has improved across different audits and changes you’ve made over a period of time.


With Wally you can -

  • Make your organization’s content accessible, not just your website.

  • Low Code / No code options available

  • Schedule and monitor all your content across your digital footprint (web and mobile).

As you read this blog, we are already working on adding more accessibility features that would make your digital footprint better.

Now tell us, isn’t Wally truly transformative?