Beyond Barriers with Roman Guerrero

beyond barriers with roman guerrero


In the ever-evolving landscape of brand identity and market positioning, the topics of accessibility and inclusion have taken center stage. Our insights from Roman Guerrero (aka Paulo), a prominent advocate in this space, shed light on the challenges faced by businesses, the importance of conversations, and the continuously shifting dynamics of inclusivity.

This article throws a spotlight on a few noteworthy points Paulo spoke in detail about. You can listen to the entire conversation in Wally’s recent podcast.

The Podcast

“There are a lot of people who want to learn about accessibility but do not know how to.”

Paulo, recognized for his impactful consulting work on inclusive projects, emphasizes the pivotal role of these initiatives in raising awareness, particularly within communities that face disabilities. At the core of his message lies a profound acknowledgment of the influence of personal experiences and effective communication in steering businesses toward a more inclusive future.

One crucial point brought to the forefront is the often-overlooked nature of accessibility discussions, especially for businesses embarking on this transformative journey. Paulo emphasizes the importance of having open conversations with people who are experiencing it and embracing vulnerability as key elements for leaders who want to learn the accessibility testing space.

“You put yourself at a vulnerable spot, and have a conversation.”

The discussion accentuates the initial challenges that businesses grapple with, particularly in identifying individuals passionate about championing accessibility. Paulo cites examples from industry leaders such as Lululemon, Tommy Hilfiger, and Roots, showcasing how these brands lead the way by seamlessly integrating accessible features into their products.

Venturing into the fashion industry, Paulo examines the role of models with disabilities and their potential to drive the development of more accessible products. Notable mentions include brands like Victoria's Secret, demonstrating a significant shift towards inclusivity in the fashion and apparel sector.

Paulo also highlights community engagement as the starting point for any brand, citing how Snapchat hosted webinars with speakers with disabilities. He advocates for direct engagement with the community, emphasizing the invaluable insights gained through firsthand experiences and transparent communication.

“Once the big companies do it, the smaller companies will see the value and they will start initiating and putting that effort into their practice as well.”

Reflecting on personal challenges, Paulo addresses the physical and emotional hurdles of navigating spaces not designed for accessibility for disabled. Despite these obstacles, he underscores the importance of effort over perfection and maintaining composure to foster positive collaborations.

“Perfection is not what we are looking for. Or what we are remotely aiming for. We are just looking for effort.”

The conversation concludes with Paulo addressing the challenges and opportunities in the a11y space. He positions the race to implement effective accessibility measures as a disruptive force, urging businesses to invest promptly and effectively to stand out in the marketplace.

“Accessibility is not just profitable. It grows the brand in different areas that wouldn’t have been there.”


Paulo's insights provide a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of accessibility and inclusion in the business world. From breaking taboos to tackling macro challenges, this discussion serves as a compelling call for businesses to prioritize inclusivity as an integral element woven into their products and practices. Paulo's experiences serve as a valuable guide for business leaders navigating the transformative path toward greater accessibility.

The only thing you need to take away from this is have conversations and be open minded.”

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